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This content is licensed for viewing by members of the VIVA community

The video content on this site is available for viewing by users from VIVA institutions that are participating in remote video hosting service using Internet2's Shibboleth InCommon federated identity login service. Users should contact their college or university library for the perferred mechanism to access this video content. All of the links below require a login and assume that your school is participating in this project.

You can link directly to the individual videos in the collection using the URL syntax described in the examples below. The normal bitrate videos are encoded at 300 kbps and may be accessed from anywhere on the Internet. The high bitrate movies are encoded at 800 kbps and are only accessible on-ground at UVa and from on-campus locations of some other VIVA members with high speed network connections to Charlottesville via the National Lambda Rail or Internet2.

The primary piece of information needed in the URL to access this content is the File Name Root. These names are available in the library MARC records and are also viewable when using the "List all available videos" function above. The generalized format for the URL is described below followed by some examples. The parameters after the File Name Root are optional and appropriate default values are used if these parameters are ommitted. FileNameRoot & bitrate & StartTime & EndTime